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The Good Times travel bag includes smell-proof technology, spacious pockets and compartments, and a dial lock for safe keeping. Perfect for traveling and storing your favorite Good Times products.

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The Good Times travel bag includes smell-proof technology, spacious pockets and compartments, and a dial lock for safe keeping. Perfect for traveling and storing your favorite Good Times products.

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23 reviews for Good Times Travel Bag

  1. slynn6405

    My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ITEM by far!! Would love another one! Sooo many compliments. But so descret. I lovee it!!!

  2. Ryan Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    They weren’t lying. This bag is actually smell-proof! I was able to fit about 2 zips in here and couldn’t smell a thing. Very satisfied

  3. drexology

    I want one. But only have 91 points so far. Can’t wait!!!

  4. Dmbthatsme (verified owner)

    Perfect travel bag not too big not too small. The lock mechanism works great to stop anyone from zipping it open. Great material and vibrant color logo

  5. Bigmama35 (verified owner)

    Arrived fast and absolutely amazing I’ve had a whole zip and a ashed leaf and couldn’t smell anything I love it can’t wait to travel with it and I’m gonna write another review 🛫🤭

  6. FaCiaL (verified owner)

    Love it. Need another color way as my second one.


    I’m only a few points away😩and based on the reviews I know I’m gonna love it.

  8. Harrison McGrath (verified owner)

    Bag’s actually pretty big, I’ve got a mini tray, grinder, couple packs of gars and a zip, it’s about 8”long 6” wide and 4” thick, has little separators and a pocket on the top.

  9. aleishaC

    I can’t wait to get one!! I’ve almost saved enough point. Super 😎

  10. Ryan9644 (verified owner)

    Love how convenient the extra pockets on the inside are! I’ve been taking it everywhere with me since the day I got it! This was definitely worth saving up points for!

  11. Christi Springer (verified owner)

    I finally earned my points and ordered mine. I can already say I will love it. I will still update when I get it and give a proper review. Thank you Good Times!

  12. 56Acehustla

    I want one ☝🏾…

  13. RedXG

    I’ve been wanting one of these bags since the day I seen them!! I’m like 100 something short but I’ll get there! And I’m excited!!

  14. Christi Springer (verified owner)

    I already got it. In less than 5 days. And it’s better than I imagined. So easy to use. Smell proof and enough room for all my goodies. Hurry and save those points!

  15. Bestbakerbabe

    This item has been coming in and out of stock. I am glad it’s back !!! I can’t wait to spend my points on this. Looking forward to it and please don’t let it go back out of stock :p

  16. Tgod

    Can’t wait. Going to go buy a box of wraps to get the 15 points I need tomorrow!

  17. AshleySarvis (verified owner)

    Love it!! Only reason I gave a 4 star is because I thought it was gonna be a lil bit bigger than it is. But it is smell proof and it has dividers inside. The zipper lock is pretty neat too! More colors would be cool! I love seeing more and more new items too!! I do wish that each thing was worth more than 1pt, cuz seeing 430 pts means I’ve spent over $400 on blunt wraps 😆 😬

  18. sharondab (verified owner)

    It was a grind to get here but I definitely enjoy my product! Perfect little travel bag and don’t have to worry about folks messing with my things as it has a combination on it! It came faster than I thought too!

  19. Tgod (verified owner)

    This bag is perfect for travel. You set up the inside the way you want with dividers. Has a lock and somewhat smell proof. Depending on how skunky. Best item on here.

  20. KhronicMadness (verified owner)

    Perfect travel bag for your product not completely smellproof but is does the job it is designed to do, I like it !!!

  21. Bestbakerbabe (verified owner)

    5 stars. I finally got enough points and purchased. It’s the size of a composition notebook. Has pockets and Velcro removed dividers. Also a hard middle divider. Instructions come with it on how to change the locking code.

  22. Readylysto13 (verified owner)


  23. Adam Duggan (verified owner)

    Got this for my daughter! She loves it. Perfect lil stash bag. There’s Velcro dividers to keep your glass safe. Quality material. The lock is nice. Enough to stop nosey people.

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