Good Times Grinder

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5 reviews for Good Times Grinder

  1. kwood15 (verified owner)

    Pretty cool

  2. Dmoney816 (verified owner)

    The grinder that gets me thru good times literally

  3. Reese_ (verified owner)

    It’s good for just a grinder , But I wish it had a keth compartment . because literally you got the top compartment which if just empty & then the grinder & that’s all (also it’s diamond cuts ) for those that care . Still a good product just very cheap and easy imo lol

  4. Phrixion (verified owner)

    I gifted this to a family member, and he loves it. Works great. Cleans easy. Light and portable. My grinder is actually kinda heavy, but I’m used to doing it all manually since I was a tadpole. Lol. It’s definitely worth using your points if you need one.

  5. steph2894 (verified owner)

    Make sure to clean residue out before each use because it’ll definitely get stuck and make it very hard to grind. It has a plastic feeling and it’s cheaply made in my opinion but it gets the job done. It’s pretty much the same size and feel of a classic Yo-Yo back in the day lol
    Definitely not worth the points.. it should be 25 points at most

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